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ChatNetZero is engineered to merge expert-level Net Zero domain knowledge with the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs), all while overcoming the limitations that have made LLMs less trusted within the climate change community.

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There are five key modules that enables ChatNetZero
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Answers based on data verified by the Net Zero Tracker and renowned experts
No Hallucination
State-of-the-art algorithm to rigorously check for and eliminate hallucination
Fine-Tuned Process
Grounded LLM to solve climate specific challenges
Updated Information
Live connection to the internet with most up-to-date information (coming soon)
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Receive expert evaluation on your own reports (coming soon)
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2.03 PM, 18 Sep
If an entity relies on fossil fuels, does that mean it's not pledging net zero credibly?
ChatNetZero avoids misleading answers from non-credible sources
2.03 PM, 18 Sep
If an entity relies on fossil fuels and does not have a specific plan to phase down and out fossil fuel extraction and use, it is not pledging net zero credibly (source)
2.03 PM, 18 Sep
An entity (such as a company, government, or institution) that currently relies on fossil fuels isn't necessarily failing to make a credible net-zero pledge. The credibility of a net-zero commitment depends on several factors, including:
3.08 PM, 18 Sep
What is the net-zero target of Walt Disney Co, and do they report scope 3 emissions?
ChatNetZero provides domain specific details rather than generic answers
3.08 PM, 18 Sep
Walt Disney Co has committed to achieve net zero emissions for their direct operations, which includes scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, by 2030… They do not have a target that covers scope 3 emissions. (source)
3.08 PM, 18 Sep
The Walt Disney Company had made commitments to address climate change... Scope 3 emissions, which include all indirect emissions not covered by Scope 1 and Scope 2, are increasingly being reported by companies committed to full transparency in their sustainability efforts…
3.24 PM, 18 Sep
Tell me about the targets of Amazon, Walmart, the US, Afghanistan, and Nepal
ChatNetZero is trained on the most updated net zero data, validated by the Net Zero Tracker and other sources
3.24 PM, 18 Sep
… Nepal has a net zero target of 2045 and an interim target to reduce emissions by 88.2% by 2030 (source)
3.24 PM, 18 Sep
… Nepal also did not have a specific net-zero target as of my last update. However, it has been actively seeking to develop renewable energy sources, particularly hydroelectric power, to meet its energy needs sustainably …
3.56 PM, 18 Sep
If a city or subnational government doesn't have control of out of boundary emissions (e.g., electric utilities), how can it credibly set a net-zero target?
ChatNetZero prioritize environmental-focused actions rather than generic actions
3.56 PM, 18 Sep
…They can implement policies and regulations to reduce emissions in these sectors and work towards transitioning to renewable energy sources. Additionally, they can collaborate with other stakeholders, such as electric utilities, to encourage and support their own emissions reduction efforts…
3.56 PM, 18 Sep
… 7. **Lead by Example**: Ensure that all government-operated facilities and operations adopt sustainable practices. This can serve as a demonstration for other entities in the region…

use cases

Education & Awareness
ChatNetZero provides a custom-tailored engagement opportunity not possible with existing GPT models for the public to interact with and ask questions about the overall net-zero landscape. Instructors at the secondary and post-secondary educational levels can use ChatNetZero in the classroom to teach students both about climate change and how AI works.
Climate policy and other academic researchers will be able to extract specific information about various entities’ climate commitments and strategies, as well as information on specific net-zero indicators. Researchers could comb through the dataset and conduct their own analyses, but ChatNetZero delivers their answer in seconds, and cites the source if they want to dig deeper.
ChatNetZero allows for a range of stakeholders to hold those who pledge net-zero decarbonization goals accountable to their pledges. It will provide a transparent platform for scrutinizing net-zero commitments, thereby nurturing trust and diminishing the risk of greenwashing.
Stakeholders can upload sustainability reports, press releases, and other climate policy documents for ChatNetZero to analyze. From these documents, ChatNetZero can benchmark an actor's net-zero pledges against other entities in our database, which includes 4,000+ country, subnational government, and business pledges.
Deploy Your Own Climate Chat Bot / LLM
ChatNetZero is engineered on a modular algorithmic framework specifically tailored for climate-related inquiries. Our system can ingest a wide range of climate-centric documents to provide accurate, hallucination-free responses. Ideal for organizations looking to build their own climate-focused chatbot, ChatNetZero offers a robust yet customizable solution. With the ability to integrate your organization's specific knowledge base, the chatbot not only answers questions accurately but also aligns with your unique focus and expertise in the climate sector.

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